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City & Guilds 3667-02 Fibre Splicing
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Here is a brief description of the courses we have on offer in 2016:

Air Blown Fibre Optic Cable Installation and Repair Technicians Course:
With any demand comes an opportunity to enjoy the rewards. And what better time than now to gain the skills and qualifications you need for success as an Air Blown Fibre Optic Cable Installer.

Internet broadband access, voice over IP Telephony and video on demand services are currently provided by existing communication networks using copper wire and coax in that final connection to the customer.

Using techniques such as ADSL and VDSL has allowed telephone network operators, to claim bandwidth offerings of up to 50 Mega Bits per second. In reality the majority only ever deliver between 2 Mbps and 10 Mbps.

Older networks in Ireland, that are planned to be upgraded will have to provide much greater bandwidth for the home user and small business. As such, these networks will have to be based around Passive Optical (PON) or fibre deep type Network infrastructures. Which require bringing optical fibre to the home or as near the home as possible.
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Optical Fibre Splicing Technicians courses :
The City and Guilds 3667 level 2 communications cabling course Units 101. With either the unit 102 for multimode, or 103 for singlemoden course is the most important courses to complete, by those wanting to get into a career focusing on fibre optic cabling, splicing and jointing or those wanting to focus on copper cabling such as cat5e and coax. (Unit 104 of City & guilds course

You may already be an engineer but have no formal qualification because you have completed on the job training. You may believe your years of experience qualify you. However more and more companies, councils, universities etc, are requiring companies, contractors, engineers and their employees to have this formal qualification, regardless whether you have completed manufacturers training.

This course at the moment is the industry standard and is the only course approved by the fibre optic industry association (FIA). It requires a specific amount of practical activity.
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